What is "Asian Fit" in eyewear?

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Many manufacturers including Ray-Ban, OakleyCarrera and even Emporio Armani and Gucci produce versions of their popular models which have been modified to better fit typical Asian features, which they term "Asian Fit".

In general, sunglasses designed without adjustable nose pads tend to fall down on Asian faces because of their flatter noses. The typical Asian head shape is also different from Caucasians and Africans, with higher cheekbones and a smaller and more rounded overall shape.

To offer a better fit to Asian customers, the manufacturers have shortened the bridge so that the glasses fit higher up on the face and also modified the nose pads and temple curvatures.

This image from Oakley illustrates the differences between the Asian and non-Asian bridges:

Of course, there is massive variation between individuals even from the same race. We stock both standard and Asian Fit models so if you're not sure of the fit, you can order both versions and simply return the one that doesn't fit as well.

While not all companies emphasise the phrase "Asian Fit" they generally stock such modified versions as the default sizing in the Asian markets. You can usually tell if a design is created for the Asian market by referring to the model number, where "F" is typically added to the reference number. For example, Ray-Ban's Original Wayfarer is the model RB2140, and the Asian Fit version is the RB2140F.

Here are some of the popular Asian Fit models which we stock at Top 10 Shades:

Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140F 901

Oakley Radarlock Asian Fit

Emporio Armani EA4014F

Gucci 3685/F/S


If you are interested in reading more on the history and technical aspects of Asian Fit eyewear:

  1. This article goes into great detail about how the manufacturers are marketing their Asian Fit styles.
  2. This article is also very useful in its examination of the scientific findings of Asian vs Caucasian facial features and their impact on properly fitting eyewear, and also includes photographs which highlight these differences.
  3. Oakley also has more in-depth technical information about their Asian Fit versions.

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